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Jack Popjes Career Highlights


writer Jack can't remember a time in his life when he didn't know how to read. He is still a voracious but discriminating reader with an arresting and readable writing style. Read more...


speakerJack not only speaks passionately from his rich personal experiences as a leader, a linguist, and a Bible translator, but as a discriminating reader he also incorporates the best of the experiences of others. Read more...



Jack's skills as a Linguist-Translator has allowed him to translate a variety of Bilingual Self Teaching Primers, Health Hygiene Series and Bible Translations. Read more...

Books by Jack Popjes

Jack has published three books which are collections of his best columns:

Ministry of Jack Popjes with Wycliffe Canada

Rev Jack D Popjes smJack Popjes provokes his audiences and readers to think new thoughts, moving them to positive action. Much of his experience, and his stories, come from the twenty-two years Jack, his wife Jo, and their three daughters, lived in Brazil with an illiterate indigenous people group called the Canela.

Learning the Canela Language

They learned the previously unwritten language, finding it complicated and fascinating. They learned about and respected the culture, developed an alphabet and a dictionary, taught the people to read, trained teachers, did medical, dental and community development work, produced educational materials, and translated a large part of the Bible into the Canela language.

By the time the project was completed, their daughters were grown up, had graduated from college and one of them was married. Jack and Jo dealt with a more than usual allotment of loneliness, disease, opposition, and frustrations. They also enjoyed a wide variety of deeply satisfying experiences during their more than twenty years among the Canela.

Speaking & Writing About Failures and Successes

Jack speaks and writes honestly about both the failures and the successes.

Since completing the Canela language program Jack has spoken at events in hundreds of cities in North America and overseas. He served as the CEO of Wycliffe Canada for six years and of Wycliffe Caribbean for three years.

Have you ever scheduled a speaker to come in to your church and he was boring and just plain bombed. That will not happen with Jack. Skeptical? Check out a short two minute video segment of one of Jacks talks in Calgary.


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