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Published Works by Jack and Jo Popjes

Bilingual Self Teaching Primer Series in Canela-Kraho and Portuguese

primer1 primer2 primer3

Primer 1. 45 pages

Primer 2. 47 pages

Primer 3. 43 pages


Bilingual Health and Hygiene booklets in Canela-Kraho and Portuguese


Health instructions, 58 pages

Health story, 26 pages

Bilingual Reading booklets in Canela-Kraho and Portuguese

vol1 vol2 vol3
Volume 1, Legend of Pyp,
26 pages

Volume 2, Legend of Kracurom,
23 pages

Volume 3, Myth of the Sun and Moon,
36 pages
vol4 vol5 vol6
Volume 4, Personal experiences,
29 pages
Volume 5, Legend of Xepka
and other stories,
37 pages
Volume 6, The Legend of Ropkra
and other stories,
28 pages


Volume 7, Stories from our Grandfathers, 88 pages
(Canela-Kraho only, no Portuguese)

  • Birds of our Land: An illustrated guide to birds common to traditional Canela lands. 50 pages. Canela only. Illustrated by a Canela artist.


ortograpfia hndbk
Canela-Kraho Orthography, in Portuguese,
8 pages
Grammatical Sketch of Canela-Kraho, in English, 71 pages. Published in Handbook of Amazonian Languages, Volume 1. Desmond C. Derbyshire, Geoffrey K. Pullum (Editors) Mouton de Gruyter


Bible Translation

Partial Bible in Canela-Kraho, Total 773 pages. Old Testament, 205 pages, New Testament, 542 pages,
Description of Key Terms, glossary, etc. 24 pages.

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