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The WordMan: Who he is and what he does.

jack_aJack Popjes insists that his identity is not tied to the roles he plays, but to who he really is: 1) a rather bad person: a sinner. 2) a repentant sinner. 3) a forgiven sinner. 4) thus a child of God, His loving Father.

God has placed Jack on His stage of life and gifted him to play certain roles at certain times. For nearly 25 years he played the role of field linguist and Bible translator with the Canela people of Brazil. After Jack and Josephine completed that program, God assigned Jack to play roles as a motivating public speaker, and for a number of years he spoke at hundreds of events all across Canada, the USA and overseas. He then played the role of executive director for six years in Wycliffe Canada, and for three years in Wycliffe Caribbean.

Currently Jack plays three major roles: as a speaker, as a writer, and as a linguist/translator. The WordMan speaks at missions conferences, and other events, from service clubs to churches throughout Canada. He writes a weekly "Look" column that is goes out for free to nearly a thousand subscribers around the world. He is upgrading the Canela linguistic material, and the dictionary, etc., for missionaries working with the Canela people of Brazil.

On a personal level, Jack plays the role of husband to Jo, who for over forty years has assisted him in all the roles he has played throughout his life. He also plays the role of father to three grown daughters, as father-in-law, and as grandfather to eight grandchildren.

Jack and Jo live in Spruce Grove, a 20 minute drive west of Edmonton, AB Canada.


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